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LogCorp Spine Finder Golf Club Building Tool


Find The Spine and Hit the Ball Straight

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All club shafts look round. In actuality, most are oval shaped. Shafts can very in oval size from 0.001 to 0.006, I have even had some cheaper shafts micrometered out at 0.015 differential. Since they're actually oval shaped, one side is stronger than another (the ends of the oval). Case in point is each shaft has a Spine. This tool will "Find the Spine" for you.

A club will bend the same way each time it's swung. Properly done, a spined club will come back to the same point as you set it up. An unspined club may waver off line a little bit. A spined club can make for a repeatable club response, so that it plays the same way swing to swing, whether you're "Coming out of your shoes" or "half swing", the clubhead returns to the same position time and again.

Free running bearings that will hold up to .700 butt shaft size. The tip bearing is housed in a protective sleeve so you are not just hold a free bearing at the tip of the club. The flange is engraved with "Find The Spine". Just clamp the flange in a vise and you are ready to "spine".

  • Dimensions: Length: 6 7/8" OD: 1 3/4" ID: 13/16"
  • Made of 6061 Anodized Aluminum (Dyed Red)
  • Made in the USA here at our machine shop.

Detailed instruction on how to find the spine of a shaft with every purchase.


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