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(3) Andrew Mack Norris Trickster Pin Striper Brush Set Series M/NT Size 00-1 Squirrel Hair

Carries a good load of paint for a long distance

Part Number: AM-MNT-00-1

Shipping Weight: 0.25 .lbs

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The Trickster is a striper with a handle length of 4-1/4". Jim Norris helped design this brush and with his sign painting background likes the longer length of a brush handle. For the stripers that prefer a shorter handle the modification is quick and easy. The striper is made of pure blue squirrel hair and has a length out of 2-1/4". The long length of the hair allows the brush to carry a good load of paint for a long distance. You can stand the brush up on the tip to create super fine lines even with the larger sizes.

  • Sizes Includes: 00, 0 and 1
  • Extended handle length of 4 1/4"
  • Made of pure blue squirrel hair
  • Hair length 2 1/4"
  • Longer hair length allows the brush to carry a good amount of paint for a long distance

The above video is Ten minutes of pin striping. The brushes used are not necessarily by Andrew Mack & Son Brush Co. but the projects and talent can definitely be achieved by using our brushes. We want you to get excited about your next project.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Net Weight 0.1
Brush Size Set - #00, #0, #1
Brush Hair Type Squirrel


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