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Andrew Mack Series 40 Squirrel Hair Broadliner Touch Up Moulding Pinstriping Wide Line Graphics Brush Size 00 - 4

Great for wide line graphics, Excellent touch-ups

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The series 40 broadliner/moulding series brushes are adapted for broad lines, the size depending upon the width of line desired. Also good for blacking off mouldings, chair and table legs, refrigerator bottoms, and other sectional areas. Makes a great fill in brush on a wide graphics (can replace a quill or stroke brush). Used on the edge, each size makes a slightly narrower line that when used flat. Universal for touch-up, for background work, and varnishing limited areas.

  • Sizes: 00 - 5
  • Hair Length: 2"
  • Squirrel hair broadliners Series 40
  • Adapted for broad lines and blacking off mouldings
  • Finest quality squirrel hair
  • Lacquer resistant
  • Excellent touch-up brush
  • Great for wide line graphics
  • Dark green thread ferrule

Available Sizes:

  • Size 00, 7/32" Head Width
  • Size 0, 1/4" Head Width
  • Size 1, 5/16" Head Width
  • Size 2, 13/32" Head Width
  • Size 3, 1/2" Head Width
  • Size 4, 9/16" Head Width
  • Size 5, 5/8" Head Width

The above video is Ten minutes of pin striping. The brushes used are not necessarily by Andrew Mack & Son Brush Co. but the projects and talent can definitely be achieved by using our brushes. We want you to get excited about your next project.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Condition New
Net Weight No
Brush Hair Type Squirrel
Dimension Length N/A
Height No
Width No


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