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Our mission is to provide Quality products, at Affordable prices, backed by a Friendly, Knowledgeable Customer Service Team.

Yes, I am the guy who was tired of working for someone else. Selling copiers, pumps, and construction materials my entire life, I had dreams of running my own company. After being laid off from my last employer and collecting unemployment, I decided to quit looking for a job and create my own job. With the support of my wife, and the pressure of raising two young boys, it was time to make my move. With $15,000 saved up in a 401K and $15,000 credit line from a Chase credit card, I jumped off the cliff and started Craig's Affordable Tools. It was a good move and now we buy and sell product all over the world.

Most of our employees love billiards and bowling and play in local leagues around Toledo, Ohio. We love talking about billiards and have two pool tables in our shop area. Our other passions include riding our Harley's, playing soccer, basketball, football, running marathons, boating in Lake Erie, and golfing in Northern Michigan.

Our mission is to provide to you a positive buying experience. The Three Pillars that our company upholds are:

  • I. We offer the lowest prices. We do this by eliminating middle men or wholesalers. We buy directly from the factory and pass the savings on to you.
  • II. We provide personal service to you. When you call us, we answer. No voice mail during business hours. We also will contact you after you place your order to make sure that you are happy.
  • III. We include fast shipping on all items in stock. If you purchase one of our items by 3:00pm Eastern time, we will ship it that day.

To all of you, from all of us at Affordable Tools - Thank you for the business!

Craig Fall
CEO / Owner